Peter McNiff's Stories from a Small Town



Greystones, January 8, 2010

Happy Pear, trendy eatery and organic food store, Church Road.

c 2003

Church Road looking north from Greystones railway station in 2003 when main street traffic was light. These days the main street is as busy as a beehive in summer.

Church Road,  Greystones 2009

Spring has sprung on main street. Gusts took this one down in March 2009. One of many planted c 1880 to turn Church road into a tree line boulevard.

April, 2009

Merville, Church Road; built c 1922.


In Letters to My Daughter, Sam Synge recalls a night he and his playwright brother John Millington Synge, were staying at the house next door, Menlo and overhearing the builders at work.

"Merville was being built. Your Uncle John and I slept in the same room. I remember, one Saturday morning early (the men in those days began work about six o’clock) hearing one of the workmen, who was working at Merville, call out to his companions, ‘We’ll all be blind drunk tonight.’ Your Uncle John was still asleep at the time and did not hear him. Poor man, that was his highest enjoyment. Could a man like that every do anything much in this world, or could he ever be happy in Heaven if he got there? He was, very likely, not a man belonging to Greystones. I don’t think very many of the Greystones men were like that. (Reverend Samuel Synge was sent to mission stations in China.)


April, 2009

Building completed.

April, 2009

Church Road changes.


Church Road, Greystones, summer of 2009

March 17, 2007

St Patrick's Day Parade, Church Road